Where Choices are Made and Journeys Begin

There’s nothing more frustrating than living in the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  You long for professional growth and fulfillment.  You want financial stability, quality family time and the peace to pursue your interests and creativity. But you just can’t seem to get there.

I’ve been there too.  We all get stuck at different stages of our lives.  We know what we should do, but can’t seem to take the action steps to get us there.  Through my own personal and professional journey, I’ve learned that helping others reach fulfillment is my calling.  Through more than a year of professional life coach training, and continuing education, I’ve experienced the process of coaching, and learned what’s needed to move forward in life while leaving behind old habits and limiting beliefs.

As your personal coach, I will help guide you through the choices and actions that will lead you to YOUR desired destination.  Together, we will map out the plans to get you through the gap and propel toward where you want to go.

You will experience what it’s like  to:

Define Your Purpose

Silence Your Inner Critic

Overcome Overwhelm

Embrace Creativity

Are you ready to start living your life as the best version of yourself?

By working with a coach, you will ...

Design your days around what you value most. Then, you’ll have someone focused solely on you as you discern your choices, plan your actions and to hold you accountable.

You are not alone anymore.


My name is Eileen Scott.

I help guide people through the choices and actions that lead to fulfillment and success.

Learn more about me here.